After a long journey of more than 39 years KBGA, today, is a very strong and powerful association of Badaga community people in Bangalore with membership strength of more than 600.


We have 17 STAR LIFE MEMBERS on role and all of them are well known personalities of our community. Their presence as STAR LIFE MEMBERS has provided the Association the great strength, which it has today.

The office-bearers and members of KBGA are reaching out to our community people, particularly the educated youngsters, by giving them proper guidance in seeking employment, residence etc in Bangalore. These types of services are carried out collectively and also individually by all the members.


As in many past events, the office-bearers and members rush to the spots where some untoward incidents like Hospitalization / Death cases take place, and render the best services possible as the situation demands, to the members or to their families. All the Death cases that took place in Bangalore so far, were attended by our members in full strength and instrumental in sharing the grief of the bereaved families and also helped the concerned people with arrangements required to carry the dead body to their respective villages in our native district.


The regular activities of the association, like executive committee Meetings, General Body Meetings, Picnics and get-togethers are planned and carried out with great enthusiasm by the office bearers, committee members and members.

The association is determined to have a building of it’s own in Bangalore and lots of steps have already been taken in this account. A considerably big amount has already been collected for this purpose from members and well-wishers and the effort for meeting this objective is on full swing.


The encouragement received from the members and our well wishers for the above will definitely make it possible to have KBGA buildings much earlier than planned.


We are sure KBGA will grow leaps and bounds in future with invaluable services by its members and well wishers, and it will render noble services to our community people directly and indirectly