Goals of KBGA

kbga goals


Looking back, the journey of KBGA, in the past 25fruitful years, has been a very successful one studded with a long list of sociable events and services to our community. The founders of this renowned Association have got every reason to be proud and cheerful about its growth.


Doused with the pride of these achievements, it is highly imperative to have a clear vision about the future of this Association from which lot of contributions are expected by the Badaga people who live in and around Bangalore in particular and the Community back in The Nilgiris in general.


Setting up of an agenda for the next five years is the most important milestone to be crossed at this hour. Keeping the high expectations in mind and the ever growing influx of our Badaga people into Bangalore, let us pledge to pursue the following ambitions in the years to come.


  • To have an exclusive building for the regular activities of the Association.
  • To have more fruitful and frequent family get-togethers which will bring all the Badaga families together.
  • To launch a comprehensive Web site with all the useful information like job opening and matrimony etc.
  • To extend help for job seekers to get the correct guidance thru the web-site.
  • To have a convention hall for functions, marriages and reception.
  • To extend relevant help in case of hospitalization/deaths.
  • To work towards bringing better service to our Badaga residents in Bangalore so that the services are felt and extended to our community people in Nilgiris directly or indirectly.