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Karnataka Badaga Gowdas Association is a non-profitable organization with a primary objective of bringing all the Badaga community people and their families living in & moving into Bangalore, the SiliconValley of India together and work tirelessly for their togetherness and prosperity.

Rooted very deep in the panoramic Nilgiris, the Badagas who are known for their unique culture, habits, living-style and exquisite Hospitality, move into the IT city with ambitions to start their career in the IT field in the IT city or to excel in other business arenas.

The long history of these people is studded with very high qualities of hospitality, unity, God-fearing and honesty.


It was a pleasant evening in October 1979 when three young Badagas met across a Congress exhibition at Subhashnagara ground (Present Metro Bus Station at Majestic area) in Bangalore.They are Mr. R. Sakadevan (Kinnakorai), Dr. M. Raju (Bygamandu) and R. Murthy (Mulligoor) , the writer of this article. The first one had come there from Ulsoor in Bangalore city and the later two from Yelahanka area in Bangalore suburb not knowing each other’s stay in Bangalore.


While sipping tea with papad at the exhibition area they were exchanging information about some more Badaga people living in and around Bangalore at that time. Suddenly, the conversation turned to forming of our Association in Bangalore for which all the three of them ecstatically agreed.


This group found Mr. C.M. Subramani (Oranally), who had experience in Coimbatore Badagas Association, as their leader for the purpose of forming the Association. Then all these members started searching and collecting the addresses of the Badagas living in and around Bangalore which were passed on to Mr. C.M. Subramani and R. Murthy.


This process was going on for around six months. They could collect around fifteen people’s addresses by+ end May 1980. They also gained lot of confidence by that time. They thought that the time was ripe for calling the people, whom they met, for a meeting. They decided the time as 3.00 P.M. on Sunday in mid June 1980 and the venue as in front of the famous “Vidhana Soudha” in Bangalore. Accordingly they typed and sent some letters, with an appeal to the Badaga people around to assemble at the above-mentioned venue and time for the above purpose.


On that particular day Mr. C.M. Subramani, Mr. R. Sakadevan and R. Murthy were waiting at the above venue from 2.30 P.M and the other members of that group joined then at 3.00 P.M After some anxious moments fifteen people !! All were thrilled, and all looked at one another victoriously.


Noted among the participants were Mr. Y.B. Muthumani (Yedapalli), Mr. H. Bhojaraj (Kokkalada), Mr. N. Raju (Melur), Mr. J. Lakshman (Miliden), Mr. T. Shankaran (Oranalliy), Mr. Gandhi ( Ketti), Mr. Dharmaraj (Katteri), Mr. A. Chandran (Thangadu).


After the formal introduction we opened the topic of forming our Association in Bangalore. But, the eldest participant in that gathering, Mr. Y.B. Muthumani opined that we postponed it by around fifteen days, as that particular fortnight was not auspicious. Member agreed to that and fixed another date in July 1980. They met on the newly fixed date (i.e. after fifteen days) and The Badaga Association was born in Bangalore!!!


Naming the Association was the next topic. Many suggested the name to be Bangalore Badaga Association. Some other opined that it could be named as Karnataka Badagas Association as they expected other Badaga people residing at other parts of Karnataka also to become members.


It was yet again Mr. Y.B. Muthumani, who wished it to be named as Karnataka Badaga Gowdas Association (KBGA) which could enable us to get some help from the Government of Karnataka also. This proposal was finally accepted by all the members and the association was christened..


Karnataka Badaga Gowdas Association (KBGA) was born!!!
The Members were enrolled and the first batch of office bearers was nominated as follows:
1. Mr. Y.B. Muthumani, President
2. Mr. H. Bhojaraj, Vice President
3. Mr. C.M. Subramani, Secretary
4. Mr. R. Murthy, Joint Secretary
5. Mr. R. Sagadevan, Treasurer
The term of office was fixed as one year. It dwells in our hearts and minds as if it happened only last week. But more than thirty seven years have gone by…..

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