About KBGA Public Trust

KBGA Public Trust In the year 2005 KBGA has decided to institute a public charitable trust for the benefit of Badaga Gowdas’ community in particular and other members of society in general.
The predominant objectives, apart from any other short term & long term goals are :
a.            Promotion , welfare & uplift of Badaga community in particular and the society in general
b.            Construction of a community hall for the purpose of functions , meetings and ceremonies of the community
c.             To provide food & shelter facilities to students and people in search of jobs ( who are not residents of Bangalore) etc.
Mr. K B Sadhasivam, the then president of KBGA, was entrusted with the responsibility of preparing and presenting a draft declaration of the trust for approval.
The same was presented in the AGM held in June 2005 and was duly approved by the AGM.
Accordingly, A trust was registered on 31st Aug 2005 in the name of “ KBG Public Trust”.
A 13 member board of trusties, comprising most of the ex presidents and some of the senior and prominent members of the association ,
was formed under the chairmanship of Mr. Y B Muthumani, founder president and senior most member of association.

The other members of the board of trusties are:

Sl. No Name of the Trustee Consideration criteria
1 H. Bhojaraj Ex president KBGA
2 R. Murthy Ex president KBGA
3 R, Bhojan Ex president KBGA
4 C. M. Subramani Founder secretary
5 T. Raju Senior Member
6 Nagulan Joghee Senior Member
7 K. Y. Raman Senior Member
8 A. Karunanidhi Senior Member
9 K. B. Sadhasivam Sitting President ,
KBGA and convener of the trust

Three other members who could not be present on the day of registration of the trust are:

Sl. No Name of the Trustee Consideration criteria
1 B. Krishna Murthy Ex president KBGA
2 M. J. Krishnan Ex president KBGA
3 R. Sudhakar Senior Member

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The KBGA Trust Deed The By Laws Of KBGA